Apple has produced a new Power Mac G5 line featuring dual-core PowerPC CPUs and a PCI Express expansion architecture.

The new 2.0 and 2.3 GHz systems are shipping now. The new 2.5GHz "Quad" system will be available in early November. Prices range from $1,999 to $3,299.

The Power Mac G5 line now features four PCI Express expansion cards - PCI Express is a high-performance interface popular in the PC market for high-performance video, but this marks its debut on the Power Mac line. Last week, Apple introduced a refreshed iMac G5 system that also included PCI Express.

Apple has included new high-performance graphics options including Nvidia's Quadra FX 4500, bringing workstation-class graphics performance to the Macintosh for the first time. Plus a dual-core PowerPC processor architecture, used across the entire line, has been added.

The company explained that its new Power Mac G5 Quad configuration, clocked at 2.5GHz and featuring two dual-core G5 chips, can encode video up to 60 percent faster than the dual-processor 2.7GHz system that preceded it. Adobe Photoshop runs a series of 45 commonly used filters and actions 43 percent faster; Adobe After Effects can render video effects up to 69 percent faster; and so on and so forth.

The Power Mac G5 supports up to 16GB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM and includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports. Also new is the inclusion as standard of the Apple's recently released multi-button mouse with scroll ball, Mighty Mouse.

The Power Mac G5 is available in three main configurations:

The $1,999 Power Mac G5 Dual, with single dual-core 2.0GHz G5 processor, 512MB 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 160GB SATA hard drive running at 7200RPM, Nvidia GeForce 6600 LE with 128MB VRAM, three open PCI Express expansion slots, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and 16x SuperDrive with double-layer support.

The $2,499 Power Mac G5 Dual has a 2.3GHz processor, 250GB hard drive and 256MB VRAM. And the $3,2999 Power Mac G5 Quad, two dual-core 2.5GHz G5 processors, 512MB RAM, 250GB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce 6600 graphics with 256MB VRAM.