Along with new iPads, MacBook Pro notebooks and the donut-shaped Mac Pro announcements, Apple quietly released Tuesday an update for iOS 7, with a range of improvements and bug fixes.

For some users, the iOS 7.0.3 version will be welcome because you can makes your UI much more static. Not everyone liked the iOS 7 animations, their motion, or their alleged laggardness that play as you switch apps, or take other actions. Now the "Reduce Motion" setting lets you chose an option that dramatically reduces the "busy-ness" of the UI and speeds up those transitions.

There are at least two iMessage fixes: one corrects a bug that blocked iMessage from starting, another that caused iMessage to refuse to actually send a message.

There's also a fix that recalibrates the iPhone 5S accelerometer, which along with the phone's compass was plagued by inaccurate readings. The problem was publicized by a number of tech websites, such as MacRumors.

For enterprise IT end users, one change plugs a security hole: in some cases "supervised" devices could revert to unsupervised status during a software update.

Another issue was that Siri and VoiceOver could in some cases automatically select a lower quality voice: that's been fixed in the new release.

Not all the changes are corrections. The new release also includes iCloud Keychain so you can use the Safari browser to create (via Password Generator), store and automatically fill-in unique passwords at websites you visit. Keychain works on all iOS 7 devices and Mac computers running the new OS X Mavericks release.

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