The head of AMD has said he is disappointed by Microsoft's decision to delay the introduction of 64-bit Windows, but that it won't affect sales of AMD's 64-bit processors.

"It's no secret that we're disappointed it's delayed," said Hector Ruiz, the chairman, chief executive officer and president of AMD.

Microsoft announced in July that Windows XP 64-bit Edition for 64-bit Extended Systems and Windows Server 2003 for 64-bit Extended Systems will not be released until the first half of 2005. They were originally scheduled for release in early 2004 and late 2004, respectively.

While disappointing for AMD, the delay will not negatively impact sales of the company's 64-bit processors during the near term, Ruiz said, adding that a longer delay, up to one year, could hurt the company. "But we don't expect that. We expect that product to be out in the first half of next year," he said.

Ruiz attributed Microsoft's decision to delay the release of the 64-bit versions of Windows to the company's desire to improve the level of security offered by these products. "Microsoft is just being so careful because of all the problems they've had with security," he said.

And it would seem that whenever Microsoft takes security seriously, it equates to long delays in product releases.