Enterprise content management vendor Alfresco, has been certified to work on the Ubuntu stack.  The company’s Enterprise Edition 3.3 is now certified on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server.

Ubuntu owner Canonical has been pushing the Linux distribution hard in the past few months so this move appears to support the growing acceptance of Ubuntu as an enterprise operating system.

“When we surveyed our customers about what future platforms to support, Ubuntu was the overwhelming choice,” said Paul Hampton, Alfresco’s director of product marketing.

Previously, the company supported various Windows versions, Solaris and Red Hat so the addition of Ubuntu is an addition to a small set.

It wasn’t a wholly new departure for Alfresco. The company has a cloud version of its software running under Ubuntu, so we were used to it, said Hampton.

There’s a growing interest in open source software and it’s not just about keeping a tight grip on the purse strings. “When our survey asked about why they chose Alfresco, number one reason was not cost, but the fact that it was open source,” said Paul Hampton, Alfresco’s director of product marketing.