US internet giant Yahoo today rolled out a new app to the UK that is built on technology developed by British teenage tech prodigy, Nick D’Aloisio.

The app, dubbed Yahoo News Digest, was launched in the US last month by Yahoo CEO Marissa MayerIt is powered by the summary and artificial intelligence technology D’Aloisio built into his Summly application, which Yahoo acquired last March for a reported $30 million (£18 million) when D’Aloisio was just 19.

Through the app, iPhone and iPod Touch users will be able to receive news customised for a UK audience twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

D’Aloisio, now Yahoo product manager and the one who designed the app to deliver what he calls "atomic units", said: “Our Digests provide a definitive summary of all the need-to-know news so you can stay on top of what’s happening. To help you get informed quickly, our stories are generated from multiple sources and are assembled from essential ‘bits and pieces’ of information, which we call “atoms”.

“The atomic units aren’t all text and include maps, infographics, stock tickers, Wikipedia extracts, videos, photos, quotes and more. We’ve just launched two new atoms in this version; weather and statistics. The digest itself is algorithmically produced but editorially curated demonstrating the perfect blend of technology and journalism.”

The young entrepreneur, who has won Wall Street Journal Innovator of the Year and appeared in Time Magazine's Most Influential, said he was “proud” to bring the product home to the UK.