You wouldn't want to have to photocopy all the patents awarded to Xerox's Santokh Badesha.

The Xerox fellow and manager of research open innovation, Tuesday, was awarded his 150th U.S. patent. That ranks him second only to retired Xerox physicist Robert Gundlach on the company's all-time list. He was awarded 155 Xerox patents.

Badesha's newest patent - No. 7,198,875 - is titled "Amino-functional siloxane copolymer release agents for fuser members." In simpler terms, he figured out a better way to get colour on paper, and the technology is being used in iGen3 Digital Production Press products.

Among Badesha's previous patents are those for improving photoreceptors, described by Xerox as "the surface that carries the invisible image of a document after it's been exposed to light."

Badesha isn't resting on his laurels, with 35 other patent applications being examined by the U.S. Patent Office and another 10 being readied for submission.

He is also overseeing research being conducted by Xerox, Clarkson University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute designed to lower energy consumption by machines.