Williams Lea, a business process outsourcing company that employs 11,500 people around the world, has deployed Huddle software acorss its organisation in a bid to increase the speed at which employees collaborate internally and externally.

Williams Lea was founded in 1820 as a company that provided printing services to the financial industry. However, the firm, which is headquartered in London, has undergone a number of changes to its business model and now sells services relating to mail processing, bulk mailing, printing, and page layout.

The company said it chose to deploy Huddle's cloud platform to promote greater collaboration and cross-learning in a bid to encourage employees to share best practice, success stories and new approaches to projects.

“Having Huddle in our technology toolkit offers another method through which we can expedite our internal and external collaboration,” said Williams Lea CIO Matt Porter. “It’s terrific for file sharing and discussions. It’s helping us to further improve the way we work internally, which means that we can better support our clients in the end.”

Huddle CEO Alastair Mitchell described the deal as a good example of how organisations today need to work on content with their customers, partners and clients, not just internal teams.

Commenting on the deal, he said: “It’s great to see a large, global organisation that works with some of the world’s biggest brands using innovative cloud technology to solve business challenges and transform the way its teams work.”

Huddle is one of 50 companies being championed by Tech City UK through the Future Fifty programme, which is designed to accelerate some of the UK’s fastest growing technology start-ups.

One of the aims of Future Fifty is to convince UK companies that the UK is the best place to do business from. However, Mitchell moved out to San Francisco recently because he was unable to raise the funds he needed to grow his business in the UK.