A US startup called Play Togga is quietly going from strength-to-strength with its novel approach to fantasy football in the UK. 

The startup's main selling point is that it is one of the few websites with live drafting for the English Premier League.


This means that unlike the official Fantasy Premier League platform, Play Togga prevents users from owning players that other people in their league already own. Further, there are no salary caps around how much a user can spend on their squad and there are no limits on the number of players users can have from a particular team. 

The company - founded last April by three entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas - now has 3,222 leagues hosted on its platform but CEO Scott Faust today said he wants to grow that number over 30,000 by this time next year. 

Faust was unable to reveal how many users Play Togga currently has but leagues tends to have between five and 15 players so that gives an idea of Play Togga's user base. 

Explaining what sets Play Togga apart, Faust said: “The real time scoring is more dynamic with points awarded for key events such as chances created, successful dribbles, tackles won to reflect true performance on the field."

The founders and two additional employees have been working hard through the season to address the occasional glitch and improve the overall user experience but there is more to come, according to Faust. 

“We can’t wait for next season as we are in the middle of enhancing both our web and mobile apps before the start on 8 August,” he said. “It will be easier than ever to have a draft, check matchups, conduct player research and banter with friends.”

Faust said that Play Togga has primarily been built using mobile software development kit Ionic, cloud hosting service Firebase and the open source Node.js development platform. 

The site and the accompanying mobile app were made possible off the back of a $450,000 angel funding round that was secured early last year. 

However, the company is currently without a revenue stream.

"Right now we are entirely focused on growing our community with all apps free to play,” he said. “We will eventually have a user subscription model where users can pay a monthly fee for premium features such as insider content and predicative stat tools.  We will also incorporate advertising in a careful way to not take away from our focus on user experience.”

Disclaimer: Sam Shead has been playing Play Togga (not very well) over the course of the season.