The Startup Institute, a career accelerator that aims to equip individuals with the skills and contacts required to work in a start-up, has expanded to London with the backing of Tech City UK and TechStars London. 

The organisation has been running its eight-week programmes in Boston, New York and Chicago since 2012 but this move marks the accelerator’s first foray beyond the US. However, the London operation will focus on the same four areas that the other programmes have focused on. They include: product and design, technical marketing, sales and account management, and web development.

Aaron O’Hearn, Co-Founder and CEO of Startup Institute, commented: “London has an exceptional workforce, but there is a risk that the city’s dynamic startup ecosystem will not reach its potential due to the lack of the right skills. We’re going to help change that.

"Traditional workplace skills don’t always transition well into startup culture, but that doesn’t mean that talented people should dismiss job opportunities at startups. Startup Institute helps people develop the softer skills to help them make this cultural shift and become valuable startup employees.”

A number of accelerators (such as Oxygen, Level 39 and Innovation Warehouse) already exist in London – where thousands of new startups were launched in 2013 alone – but most of them focus on supporting start-ups themselves as opposed to the people that want to work for them. 

Joanna Shields, CEO of Tech City UK, said: “Startup Institute’s arrival in London is well timed. Tech and digital businesses are the new growth engine of the London economy generating 27 percent of the capital’s job growth. A healthy pipeline of talented, skilled individuals is essential to sustaining this.”

Jon Bradford, MD of TechStars London, commented: "Finding the right talent is a major challenge for growing companies. Many don't have the time or resources to find, train or onboard the perfect person; and hiring the wrong person can be devastating. What Startup Institute does by training, accelerating and orientating talent for startups will be an incredible win for London, and all of the growing companies here."

The Startup Institute announced that it is launching an additional programme in Berlin. 

The programmes will get underway in Berlin on May 12 and in London on June 2. Applications are open from today for both cities.

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