From Hollywood news outlet Variety comes news that Ubisoft has opened up a new studio in Paris devoted to assisting development of the company's game franchises into films and TV shows.

Ubisoft Motion Pictures will be led by executives with experience in the French film industry, and will assist production, marketing and international sales of Ubisoft's game properties should any further film or TV options come up. Does this mean an Assassin's Creed movie? A Rabbids animated show? The hotly anticipated film version of Imagine Babyz? Frankly, it's too soon to tell.

While this is a surprising move for Ubisoft, it's not without reason. The Jerry Bruckheimer-helmed adaptation of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time made well over 300 million dollars worldwide, so for the company to keep a relatively tighter leash on their franchises can only be a greater benefit to their bottom line.

Ubisoft follows in the footsteps of Marvel Studios and other media companies who set up their own branches to handle film and television development. And as a game company first and foremost, hopefully they do better than Square Pictures, for their sake.

Source: Variety