Troublesome Uber is encountering opposition from courts and taxi drivers in nearly every city it operates in. The extent of the controversies has made it difficult for some people to keep up, but data analysts at Silk have now created a number of visualisations depicting each of Uber’s regulatory conflicts around the world.

The first plots the regulatory and legal battles that Uber has entered by location. It allows users to filter the battles by status, region and type of opposition. 


Uber troubles by location: Over 50 conflicts or controversies for Uber to date, 30 of which are ongoing

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The protest carried out by London's black cab drivers in July last year is the only UK conflict/controversy that Uber has been in, according to Silk, even though the company also operates in Manchester and Leeds. 

Silk also plotted the number of opposition cases against Uber on a yearly basis. Last year was by far the most troublesome for Uber, with 41 conflicts recorded, up from just two in 2013. There have already been four recorded conflicts in 2015. 

Number of conflicts and controversies by year: In 2014, Uber saw more conflicts than the previous years of its existence combined

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Finally, Silk mapped the conflicts or controversies by type of opposition.  

Number of conflicts or controversies by type of opposition: Uber finds most resistance from regulatory actions, predominantly on a local level

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The conflicts range from the national ban in India following accusations that an Uber driver raped a passenger, to a backlash against Uber after an executive suggests digging up dirt on critical journalists.

After raising an additional $1 billion last year, Uber's aggressive expansion plans are set to continue and the company is currently recruiting for hundreds of non-drivers to help grow the business in new markets such as China and India. It's likely that Uber will see a rise in opposition in 2015 as it enters and disrupts new these new markets. 

The data used by Silk came from Wikipedia and a variety of media sources. 

Fred Wilson, a leading New York venture capitalist at Union Square Ventures, said in December that Uber needs to drop its arrogance and mature if it wants to achieve its full potential and list as a public company. 

Uber has not yet responded to Techworld. 

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