Nearly a third of Brits admit they use their smartphones outside of working hours for business use such as sending emails and making calls, says

According to research by the mobile phone comparison site, 20 percent of smartphone owners claim they spend at least 10 extra unpaid hours a week responding to emails and sorting out work problems via their handset.

Furthermore, 43 percent of smartphone owners say their handset has made their life more stressful, 23 percent still admit to sleeping with their phone by their bedside and 14 percent said they had already read and replied to emails via their phone before the start of the working day.

One in five Brits say they feel pressurised to respond to business emails out of working hours and 35 percent said they have experienced a ruined evening because of reading an email from a client."Mobile phone technology is now so advanced that we are able to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues around the clock. The problems start when clients and management expect emails to be dealt with at the weekends and when alerts are going off throughout the night with various problems that need to be sorted," said co-managing director of, Neil McHugh.

"Family time is however extremely important and even though I fully understand the urge to check my emails in the morning, perhaps our loved ones should be the first people to get our attention!"