Cambridge startup Darktrace has been crowned the winner of Techworld’s Enterprise Startup of the Year Award for its threat monitoring technology.  

The security firm caught the eye of the judges with its flagship Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform (DCIP), which was launched in February this year. 

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"We are delighted that Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System approach to cyber defence is being recognised in the Techworld Awards," said Darktrace CEO Nicole Eagan. "As businesses transition to intelligence-led, proactive defence against advanced cyber adversaries, Darktrace is set to accelerate adoption of its mathematical, machine learning approach, and help organisations take meaningful action against cyber compromises, before they become crises." 

Darktrace's technology, powered by a new breakthrough in Bayesian mathematics developed at the University of Cambridge, assumes that a network has already been infiltrated and that some of the risk might come from a company's own employees. Meanwhile, legacy technologies have focused on protecting assets through a virtual version of putting locks on all the doors and windows. 

The platform's ability to self-learn means that it is capable of detecting new threats that have not previously been identified by other security tools, whether they are directed by some of the world’s most proficient cyber attackers, or whether they originate from an insider to the organisation.

Darktrace monitors unusual activity around: user logins, data transfer volumes, credential usage and significant volumes of data being moved between unusual machines within the corporate network.

The founders of Darktrace have a combined 70 years' experience in cyber operations, working with governments, military forces and private companies across the world to keep citizens and critical national infrastructures safe.

The company was the first firm to receive investment from Invoke Capital, the $1 billion technology fund vehicle set up by Autonomy founder Dr Mike Lynch.

Since receiving investment, Darktrace has gone on to supply large organisations such as Virgin Trains with its threat detection tool. 

Darktrace was awarded the prize by Techworld editor Mike Simons at the ME hotel in central London last week. 

Image credit: Darktrace