The IT jobs market turned around in July with the United States gaining 7,400 IT-related jobs just one month after losing that many.

Department of Labor statistics show the US economy on the whole lost 247,000 jobs in July, but IT-related employment categories showed a collective gain for the month after posting five straight months of losses.

Since February, IT job numbers declined between 3,000 and 11,000 per month, including losses of 7,600 jobs in June. The net gain of 7,400 IT jobs in July is "very encouraging news [and] maybe the turning point we have all been anticipating," says David Foote, co-founder, CEO and chief research officer of Foote Partners, a research group that tracks IT salary and skills.

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There are five employment segments tracked by the Department of Labor related to IT. Among these, computer systems design and related services gained 7,900 jobs in July after seven months of losses totaling 17,500 jobs, Foote reports in a press release. Another 900 jobs were gained in the management/technical consulting services segment.

Slight job losses were reported in the other three IT segments, namely computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing; communications equipment; and data processing, hosting and related services.

It's not yet clear if the IT turnaround can be sustained throughout the rest of the year. But with the US economy shedding jobs at a slower pace and IT jobs increasing, Foote expressed optimism.

"There has been a vibrancy in the job market throughout this recession driven by employers search for IT workers with the right skills and experience for the job," Foote said. "If anything, I expect this to intensify in the next several months."