Tech City UK and UKTI have denied allegations that tensions between them led UKTI to pull its financial support for the government quango.

Techworld sources claim that UKTI had taken issue with Joanna Shields, the chair of Tech City UK and prime minister David Cameron’s digital advisor, leading UKTI to withdraw its funding support. In part tensions between the two parties had grown due to an overlap in the nature of their work, it was claimed.

Tech City UK and UKTI deny they have been fighting ©iStock/kontrec
Tech City UK and UKTI deny they have been fighting ©iStock/kontrec

Tech City UK said in a statement: “Baroness Shields and Tech City UK have an excellent relationship with UKTI, as demonstrated by the recent collaboration around the launch of HQ-UK and an ongoing range of programmes to promote the UK’s technology ecosystem." 

UKTI chief executive Dominic Jermey added: “I candidly repeat the comments from Tech City UK, there is absolutely no truth in this story. 

“While the nature of our funding relationship changed 18 months ago, UKTI and Tech City UK collaborate on many projects. I regard Tech City UK as an important partner in our ongoing work to make the UK an attractive place for technology companies to do business.” 

Techworld has asked both organisations to elaborate on why UKTI stopped funding Tech City UK and is awaiting a response.