London-based mobile software firm Globo today announced that it has acquired Silicon Valley’s Notify Technologies for $5 million (£3 million).

Globo, based in Tech City less than a mile from Old Street’s “Silicon Roundabout”, said the acquisition was a “significant step” towards its goal of becoming a world leader in enterprise and consumer mobility.

Notify is a mobile management start-up headquartered in San Jose, California, that aims to help businesses address the BYOD trend. Globo believes that Notify's products provide the management, control and oversight needed to maintain a secure and productive mobile environment for businesses. 

Founded in 1994, Notify now boasts 1,800 customers in financial services, government, healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors. Notable customers include Oracle and Securitas.

Globo Chief executive Costis Papadimitrakopoulos said: "The acquisition of Notify significantly strengthens Globo's competitive position to address the BYOD trend and accelerate growth in the US and elsewhere, as well as adding to our rapidly growing customer and revenue base.

"Notify brings highly skilled and experienced people, our most valuable asset." 

Last month, Globo revealed that its pre-tax profits had increased by 30 percent for the six months leading up to June 30. The growth was driven by the company’s GO!Enterprise software, which gives users secure access to work email and intranet and helps businesses build secure apps.