A cohort of 150 entrepreneurs will aim to start a business and develop a product while on a four-day bus trip across Europe later this month.

Six buses will depart from Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome on October 27 and terminate in Vienna, where passengers will pitch their newly formed ideas at Pioneers Festival  one of the largest internet and tech conferences in Europe.

While travelling across Europe, the entrepreneurs will take part in a series of workshops taught by individuals from the likes of Google, SoundCloud, Accenture and Elance, on topics such as business creation and management.

The trip costs €350 per entrepreneur, which includes the participation fee, accommodation and a subsidised entrance to the Pioneers Festival, normally priced at €600 a ticket. 

Applications for this year’s StartupBus Europe are being accepted until October 20 via the StartupBus website. Last year over 2,000 people applied. 

Julian Riedelsheimer, organiser of the StartupBus Germany, said the trip requires a "colourful pile" of entrepreneurs.

"Marketing specialists, programmers, business strategists — you not only learn a lot on board from your peers, but also build the ultimate network," he said. 

The selection panel is also looking for "established" entrepreneuers that have "proved their skills in their own projects", said Riedelsheimer. 

The concept of StartupBus was born in the US five years ago and has been run every year since with buses from all the major cities in the country travelling to SXSW in Texas to compete for the accolade of best start-up of the year.

StartupBus is now in it’s third year in Europe, having recently rebranded itself from FounderBus to StartupBus Europe.

Next year StartupBus will also be run in Africa and South America.