A job training platform specifically designed for contractors and short-term workers has raised $1.5 million (£1 million) in total seed funding from investors.

Investors in Dublin and New York based initiafy include Delta Partners Group, ACT Venture Capital and private investor Leslie Buckley. At the same time as the investment the company was rebranded from Induction Manager in Emea and Orientation Manager in the US in order to unify its online software into one brand.

Initiafy’s users complete self-paced sessions on computers or mobile devices. Image credit: Initiafy
Initiafy’s users complete self-paced sessions on computers or mobile devices. Image credit: Initiafy

Initiafy turns employee initiations from a “logistical nightmare” to a self-automated online system, said the company. Its training platform reduces costs for companies who hire contractors or hourly workers by training them online before their first day, and also cuts down on the resources required to recreate training materials as staff change over time.

The company says it currently works with more than 70 customers including Sodexo, Pfizer, Gilt, Gilbane, Balfour Beatty, Amey, Domino's Pizza and “five of the top 20 construction companies in the UK”.

Training topics are built by the customer and range from specific on-the-job skills and administrative paperwork, to successful cultural integration of new hires. More importantly, initiafy seeks to make work sites as safe as possible, especially in high-risk industries, by offering companies the ability to deliver safety training and procedures before employees set foot on site.

Initiafy’s users complete self-paced sessions on computers or mobile devices, and employers can check new hires’ understanding by setting up review questions to unlock each chapter of training. Information can be presented through text, audio or video and in multiple languages. Employers also have the ability to update materials instantly, making workers aware of new standards or procedures.

“Before launching initiafy we spoke with dozens of HR and health and safety managers to understand what challenges companies were facing with employee training,” said initiafy co-founder Julie Currid. “We found that companies had many options for onboarding permanent staff, but had more difficulty finding a cohesive tool for contractors, seasonal workers or a contingency workforce.”

Since its founding in April 2012, initiafy has grown from a locally-known Irish startup to an internationally recognised company with offices in Dublin and New York, and servicing companies in over 25 countries. The company plans to increase its US presence over the next few months, and expects to grow “by over 300 percent in 2015”.