US media giant NBC Universal has revealed how it is tapping into London’s burgeoning startup culture. 

Speaking at the CIO Summit in London today, Andrew Jordan, SVP of international technology and operations at NBC Universal, said London is a hotbed for startups and innovation.

He said NBC Universal is now working with innovative UK media firms in the city and funding them through the NBC Media Labs programme, which also operates in New York and Los Angeles. 

Jordan added that it’s no longer good enough for large enterprises to just come up with good ideas. They need to come up with news way to innovate, he said.  

“Innovation isn’t just about putting 20 PhDs in a room,” he said. “It’s about promoting innovation across the entire business.”

The NBC Universal Media Labs initiative, which Jordan set up in London, has four pillars: inform, inspire, engage and deliver. 

Jordan added that he believes technologies like the Apple Watch and the internet of things will be transformational for NBC Universal. 

NBC Universal’s parent company, US cable goliath Comcast, is in the midst of building a new Innovation and Technology Centre in Philadelphia. 

“It’s about creating an entire facility dedicated to innovation,” said Jordan, adding that the Norman Foster-designed building will be almost Google-like. 

The building, which will also be used as a startup incubator, is due to open in 2018.