Heron Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the City of London, is set to keep its name, according to business newspaper CityAM.

The 46-storey iconic building was due to be renamed Salesforce Tower after the Silicon Valley cloud software firm,

However, it’s understood that the owners of the 230m tower withdrew their application to rename the building this week.

It is believed that parties involved have decided to simply call the building by its street name, 110 Bishopsgate.

Salesforce will be permitted to keep its branding inside the tower and informally refer to it as Salesforce Tower but other tenants won’t be forced to use the name for official purposes.

Salesforce announced its intent to rebrand the building in May when it revealed that it was acquiring an additional 50,000 sq ft on a 15 year lease to create “two contiguous villages” over floors 26-31.

The renaming was disputed by several existing Heron Tower residents, including rival cloud firm Powa Technologies. 

The planning agreement comes ahead of a meeting being held by the City of London’s planning and transportation committee which will consider changing the guidelines for granting names changes.

The committee is proposing that only those who occupy 50 percent of the building should be granted naming rights.