Life-logging platform Storica is attempting to raise £50,000 on Kickstarter to expand its Android app from mobile to desktop.

Storica is currently based on the AIRS Android app, which was released in 2011 and has been downloaded 12,000 times. However, the researchers behind the platform want to raise crowd-funding cash to expand the platform onto desktop.

Storica will then be able to draw on sensors built into mobile and desktop devices to capture and store memorable moments in a person’s life, according to the founders.

The prototype collects data automatically through people’s smartphones and desktop devices before storing it on the Storica platform, where it is turned into a personal digital diary.

The researchers say the £50,000 to is needed to improve the synchronisation of data recordings, refine the system’s overall look and integrate some newly-released fitness devices.

Several apps already monitor specific aspects of people’s lives, such as RunKeeper and SleepCycle. However, Storica will “attempt to create a more complete picture, then play that back to users in fine detail, through an array of visual depictions.”

The academics behind Storica – Dirk Trossen at the University of Cambridge and Dana Pavel at the University of Essex – claim the software will enable people to monitor the influences that have the biggest impact on their lives.

“It can address multiple aspects of your life through comprehensive recording and depicting your recordings with digital stories of your life,” co-founder and computer scientist, Dirk Trossen, told Techworld. “The stories provide you with concrete evidence that empower you to better understand what's happened to you.”

When used on an Android smartphone, the AIRS app can automatically record where a person is, how light it is, who they are with, who they are calling or messaging and how much they are engaging with social media.

The desktop version, known as Storica Desk, will gather extra information, such as which applications are opened most and which web pages users have visited. Storica Desk is being built on Wordpress because it provides a “stable yet expandable basis” and because “its blog concept aligns very well with the desired diary for self-monitoring purposes”.

To avoid privacy concerns, Storica stores data on the user’s smartphone or desktop instead of commercial servers. However, data, stories and visualisations can be shared through social media at the user’s request. The researchers also point out that users can tell Storica if there are any activities they don’t want it to record.

“The overall efforts are planned to span about three months for a release in December (ready for the winter holiday period) with budget for development and small office facilities,” said Trossen.

The researchers have currently received seven pledges on Kickstarter and raised a total of £433.