Laundrapp, the mobile app looking to put the laundry industry in a spin, is now available in five more UK cities.

The on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service that vows to take the woe out of washing by delivering straight to consumers’ doors has been expanded from London to Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester.

©Flickr/Steve Calcott
©Flickr/Steve Calcott

The expansion comes less than a month after the app was officially launched in the capital.

“Laundrapp is a completely new service to the market – we offer high quality, state-of-the-art services through our handpicked, trusted partners and our unrivalled customer service,” said Laundrapp CEO Ed Relf at the time of the launch.

“Laundrapp is at the heart of the emerging mobile on-demand ecosystem. I’ve never known such an exciting time - a time when mobile and physical services can converge to allow us to live smarter.”

The founding team behind Laundrapp consists of Ed Relf, ex-Mind Candy CMO, the company behind Moshi Monsters, Antony Pink of Accenture and Nick Bransby-Wiliams of Sooqini, which has a similar offering in that it helps people find companies that will do their housework. 

At the time of the London launch the team behind Laundrapp said they wanted to rapidly expand the app to other cities and countries. 

“We’re thrilled to be unveiling the expansion of Laundrapp so soon after the initial successful London launch. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response in London and we’re pleased to be able to bring the Laundrapp experience to five UK cities,” said Relf.

“Laundrapp is the future of digital on-demand Laundry, we’re redefining an entire industry ripe for disruptive technology and innovation.”

The firm is backed by £1.5 million of seed funding led by Rupert Hambro (former Chairman of Hambros Bank and Founding Partner of Hambro Perks) and serial entrepreneur Dominic Perks, who had the initial brainwave for the business. 

The UK government is currently carrying out a review of the sharing economy in a bid to understand the economic potential and social issues that are generated when people share products and services over the internet.  

Laundrapp is hoping to secure customers off the back of a six-figure marketing investment, which will see Laundrapp adverts placed across TV, the London Underground, radio and outdoor advertising spaces.

The app is available on iOS and Android platforms. 

Laundrapp is one of several companies around the world looking to disrupt traditional industries. Uber is perhaps the best known with its taxi-hailing app that is putting cabbies out of business, while Airbnb is also growing rapidy with its room-finding service that is disrupting the hotel industry.