Jessica Alba today revealed that she fills out JIRA tickets when something goes wrong on her computer just like the rest of us.

The Hollywood superstar turned entrepreneur made the revelation at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco today while speaking about the lack of women in technology.

©Techworld/Sam Shead
©Techworld/Sam Shead

"I do not know how to code but I can put in a JIRA ticket” said Alba on a panel alongside YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

JIRA, developed by Atlassian, allows people to file and track technical issues they encounter in the work place. 

Alba also said that she sent her seven-year-old daughter Honor to a coding camp, where she built a hair and make up app. But there was a problem with the app in Alba's mind. 

“She wanted the app to cost $87,” said Alba, adding that the coding school should have told her daughter to be more realistic.

“I was like give it for free at first and get your user base,” said Alba. “She said the customer was everybody and anybody that wanted to look good.”