Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has revealed its ambition to be seen as more of an IT company as it looks to impress CIOs with its latest products and services. 

The Shenzhen-headquartered firm has long been considered a communications technology [CT] player but that needs to change, according to Dr Leroy Blimegger, senior vice president of Huawei Global Technical Services and global president of Assurance & Managed Services. 

“Now we need to become an IT company or at least an ICT company and that requires people with different capabilities,” said Blimegger during Huawei's Global Professional Services Forum in London yesterday. “Some of our CT staff already have IT capabilities but we don’t have the critical mass of people that think in the IT domain.”

Blimegger said Huawei will bring in a “large number of people” to its services organisation to support the move from CT to ICT.

He added: “Obviously, as the market changes, from an industry that had IT sitting in the corner, to now where we have 3G and 4G services with IT and CT starting to share space, to what we’re going to see in the future - IT completely wrapped around a CT core - we have to change the way we think at Huawei.” 

As part of the transformation, Huawei must change the way it delivers services and its business models, according to Blimegger.

CIO engagement

The company also needs to start talking to CIOs, Blimegger continued. 

However, Huawei's image with CIOs is likely to have been tarnished in recent years following the scrutiny that has been placed on the firm by western governments, including the US, the UK and Australia.  

Huawei said it wants to build and improve relationships with CIOs by meeting them at events and by being as transparent as possible.

Prior to the Global Professional Services Forum yesterday, Huawei announced it had signed a deal with mobile operator Telefonica to provide an end-to-end performance management solution to manage its Latin-American network.

“Telefónica OSS's [operations and suport services] simplification strategy is based on the standardisation, simplification and automation of the processes and technologies across our footprint. We are selecting the best partners in the market to help us in this journey," said Juan Manuel Caro Bernat, operations & OSS director at Telefónica South America. 

“Huawei’s performance management solution really meets our demands through its leading-edge capabilities. Huawei is our strategic and reliable partner, and I believe that our cooperation with Huawei will continue to be fruitful and profitable in the future," he added.