"London is brilliant for IT and we are good at software and can gain a lot of talent from across Europe," says Hailo CTO Rorie Devine in an interview with CIO UK.

Hailo an App for requesting and paying for a cab in major UK and world wide cities is the best funded start-up in Europe as it does battle with Uber and a plethora of new transport as a service Apps. In an interview with Techworld’s sister title for director level business technology leaders, Devine is cautious and honest about the limits start-ups face in the UK. Devine argues that the weakness is not in the ideas or ability to build and deliver technology products, but the UK's ability to fund and put its weight behind new developments.


"Our chairman made a good point, that you get to a ceiling in Europe and the UK for funding, and that is a disadvantage. We don't yet give ourselves enough confidence," Devine argues. It's a real issue for the new wave of businesses like Hailo, who are against US firms such as Uber that have access to the more confident US tech investment community. At the end of the interview, Devine adds that Hailo is important as a UK business, it pays UK corporation tax and pays UK resident workers.

"We've got the talent and the start-up phase is very good in the UK. What we need is the layer to take it further or we will lose out," Devine says.

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