Tech City UK announced today that it has received 12,000 sign ups to its Digital Business Academy learning platform, which was launched last November in a bid to boost UK citizens' skills.

The Digital Business Adacemy, which offers free learning resources over a three to six week period, aims to provide digital and business skills to members of the general public that want to work in tech or launch a tech startup of their own. 


A variety of academic institutions are supporting the publicly-funded initiative, with universities like Cambridge and UCL helping to teach course content.

Of the eight courses on offer, the three most popular to date have been UCL-backed “size up your idea”, Cambridge-backed “make marketing a plan” and Founder Centric-backed “develop and manage a digital product”. 

Tech City UK said it launched the Digital Business Academy to meet demand for a more digitially skilled workforce. However, the organisation has decided to focus on teaching non-technical business skills as opposed to hardcore coding – an area that is being served by other organisations.

Individuals that do well on their courses are eligible to receive rewards such as startup loans and internship interviews from the 43 industry partners, whcih includes the BBC, Twitter, O2 and accelerators such as Microsoft Ventures, among others. 

Tech City UK revealed a number of insights about the Academy and who is taking it.

Nearly half of the people (48 percent) signing up to do programmes are under 30, while 56 percent of current programme participants want to start their own business. 

Meanwhile, it takes 43 percent of people less than a week to complete a programme on average. 

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