North Technologies, a tech incubator for promising startup ideas, was launched last year and has now raised £3.3 million ($5 million) in funding.

The incubator's projects currently include Watchville, an app for people who are interested in luxury watches and Tiiny, a social photo app an app that allows users to create to share little photos and looping videos with friends and followers.

Google Ventures Kevin Rose at Le Web
Google Ventures investor Kevin Rose (right) reveals two new apps at Le Web alongside co-founder Tony Conrad © Flickr/Le Web

The venture capitalist has been making investments in promising startups on Google’s behalf for the last two and a half years but admitted at the Le Web in Paris last month that he missed being an entrepreneur, adding that it “feels like sitting on the sidelines”. 

Last April, Silicon Valley equality campaigners visited Rose's home and held up a sign calling him a "parasite" and distributed leaflets with the same message.

Google Ventures, the internet giant’s investment arm, revealed last October how it plans to spend a new fund worth $100 million (£62 million) a year on European tech startups. 

The fund is the first to be launched after the US version of Google Ventures, which was established five years ago and now invests $300 million (£186 million) a year.