Oxfam has partnered with Liftshare, one of the UK’s leading shared travel platforms, in order to provide its music festival volunteers with a cheaper mode of transport. 

The charity, which recruits overs 5,000 festival volunteers each year for events like Glastonbury, Bestival and Reading, said the new Oxfam Stewards group will help volunteers to arrange car shares with other stewards heading in their direction. 

Glastonbury Festival relies on over a thousand volunteers each year ©Flickr/Wonker
Glastonbury Festival relies on over a thousand volunteers each year ©Flickr/Wonker

Stewards are being encouraged by Oxfam to download the Liftshare app or visit the company’s website when making their travel plans.

Liftshare founder Ali Clabburn said: “We’re super excited to be helping the amazing Oxfam volunteers save money getting to festivals. Working with Glastonbury in 1999 was our first real success and we’ve loved helping fans get to festivals ever since.”

Oxfam marketing executive Clare Williamson said: “We hope using the app on-site for last-minute plans will encourage stewards to help each other out more than ever before.”

Glastonbury, Bestival, Reading and Leeds all depend on an army of Oxfam volunteers in order to put their festivals on.  

The partnership comes after projections that the sharing economy sector will be worth £9 billion by 2025 and the recent launch of sharing economy trade union SEUK, of which Liftshare is a founding member.