Taxi app Gett is trialling a £10 flat fare for Central London as it looks to compete with Uber and other minicab rivals. 

The on-demand app that works exclusively with licensed black cabs and Hackney carriages in 25 UK cities announced today that rides in central London for the rest of July will cost £10 regardless of distance, traffic or time spent in the cab. 


Taxi rides in the centre of the capital have been known to spiral well over £10 in black cabs. Uber tends to be cheaper for short journeys across Centre London but when there is a high demand on Uber drivers the company introduces a surcharge which means passengers have to pay 1.5x the normal rate, often taking Central London fares well over £10. A spokesperson for Gett said that most rides in the centre of London (where the £10 fee applies) usually costs around £20-30.

Passengers that are eligible for Gett's £10 fixed fare will be alerted through the app once they have entered their destination. If their journey is less than £10 they will be send a voucher for the difference and the option of a cash refund. 

Remo Gerber, CEO of Gett UK, said: “ We can increase the number of jobs going to London’s world famous black taxis. 

“By introducing this fantastic fixed price, consumers will see the many benefits of taking Black Taxis over minicabs: all our drivers are fully licensed and CRB-checked; they are trained to drive London’s complex streets without relying on SatNavs and, of course, they can cut journey times by using the bus lanes.”

In NYC, Gett has a similar deal, with $10 rides from 110th Street to Battery Park. 

To qualify for the £10 fare rides must be completed from 10am-10pm Monday to Friday. 

Gett is available in 50 cities, including New York, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Moscow, St Petersburg and Tel-Aviv.