Fujitsu, in collaboration with Intel, has launched its Education Ambassador Programme, which aims to enhance teaching and unleash students’ potential by putting technology at the heart of education.

It is aligned with the objectives of the Education Technology Action Group (ETAG), whose mission is to promote the use of digital technology across schools, further education, higher education and special education needs (SEN) sectors.

Fujitsu has launched the first innovation hub at UTC Reading. Image credit: Fujitsu
Fujitsu has launched the first innovation hub at UTC Reading. Image credit: Fujitsu

As part of the programme, Fujitsu has partnered with educational institutions across the UK, including University Campus Suffolk and the National Autistic Society. All ambassadors have been selected based on their recognition of technology as an enabler to enhance the learning experience and to develop digital skills for students and educators.

Ash Merchant, head of education UK and Ireland at Fujitsu, said: “A recent survey by Fujitsu revealed that around a fifth (22 percent) of consumers believe that digital education should be part of the modern school curriculum, highlighting a real need to see investment at the beginning of the digital journey. Schools, colleges and universities will play a crucial part and Fujitsu is committed to enabling this move.”

The initiative will see Fujitsu set up innovation hubs at the ambassador educational institutions, featuring Fujitsu technology and providing support on infrastructure to enable “empowered and connected establishments”. This will not only provide students with the opportunity to develop their digital skills, but educators themselves too, Fujitsu said.

Fujitsu will also support the ambassadors in breaking down barriers to technology, by building and facilitating relationships with bodies such as the Department for Education (DfE), the Education Technology Action Group (ETAG) and the Education Funding Agency (EFA).

The first innovation hub has been launched at UTC Reading, and houses an array of Fujitsu technology including tablets, hybrid devices, laptops and desktop PCs. These systems run on the latest Intel Atom and Intel Core processors. As part of the initiative Fujitsu will work with UTC Reading and some of its local primary schools to roll-out a coding project devised to train teachers on coding, in line with the new national computing curriculum and promoting STEM skills, among other projects.

Other innovation hubs will be at University Campus Suffolk, Brunel University, Derby College, City College Coventry, Borders College, The National Autistic Society, Thames Valley School, Barnsley College and Lakeside Academy.