A pair of teenagers at Eton College are tapping into the Tech City co-working scene in the build-up to the launch of their first ever app. 

The iOS app, known as Edge, aims to provide skiers with analytics such as speed, distance, vertical change and resort information. It also shares challenges between skiers and snowboarders, while providing resorts with an analytics platform that they can use to help them understand how their mountain is used.  

Founders Ed Hardy and Kit Logan, both aged 17, spent the summer holidays working from the Rainmaking Loft (RML) next to Tower Bridge after the co-founder of the new co-working space realised their potential in a pitching event.

Edge pitched their concept to 120 people and were announced as joint winners with another start-up called GleePost, which RML co-founder Oli Johnson described as a “Chatroulette for universities”.

“We don’t want cool start-ups to slip through the cracks just because they haven’t raised yet so we do an event called beer pitch,” Johnson told Techworld. “It’s London’s no frills pitching event where we get start-ups to stand on a case of beer and pitch.”

The winner of the pitching event gets a free membership to RML for three months.

Prior to moving into RML this summer, the Edge pair worked in another co-working space in London’s Clerkenwell area called White Bear Yard.

Edge co-founder Ed Hardy told Techworld that the company has already received financial backing from leading Summly investor, Frank Meehan. Summly was sold to Yahoo in March for $30 million (£18.7 million), making 17-year-old founder Nick D'Aloisio one of the youngest self-made millionaires.  

Hardy said Edge is currently looking to secure more money through a seed investment round.  

The pair use a team of developers in Romania to build their app. “Neither of us code particularly well but Kit does the design,” said Hardy. “It's a priority for us to learn and get to a higher level but for now we have an excellent team of five out in Romania.

“We spent a while looking for a team in Tech City but to be honest the skill and proficiency of communication from the team in Romania far exceeds what we could find in London for a similar price.”

The Edge app will be launched in December, said Hardy.