Looop, an online learning platform for employees, is being offered across the UK after it raised £1.2 million in funding from an undisclosed investor.

Looop is trying to secure a chunk of an "outdated" corporate online learning market which is largely underpinned by desktop software that doesn't transfer well onto mobile devices.  

The Australian startup's platform allows companies to deliver their existing employee training material over the itnernet in a matter of clicks. The company claims this can be particularly important for startups and fast growth organisations where priorities are in a state of flux. 

The funding will also go towards launching and developing Looop's native app, which is being released today on Android and coming soon to iOS.  The new mobile apps enable employees to learn in bite-sized chunks via their smartphone or tablet, according to Looop, which claims that its competitors are yet to deliver mobile offerings that allow employees to learn on the move.  

Ben Muzzell, co-founder of Looop, said: “We’re addressing a large gap in the market. Companies often have the training content available for to their employees - perhaps a product sheet or video - but don’t have an efficient and flexible platform from which to distribute it. We want to change that by providing a cost-effective and customisable product.

"As well as helping us evolve our mobile technology, this funding has fast-tracked our expansion plans; now in the UK, we will be breaking into the US next month. Further down the line, we also plan to develop an API to integrate with learning management systems designed for large, multinational enterprises. We have the backing of our investor to develop these updates over the coming 12 months to position Looop as the de facto learning tool in businesses of any size.”