A new initiative has been launched to in a bid to cement Edinburgh’s position as a leading UK tech hub. 

StartEdin, supported by Edinburgh City Council and several technology companies, is designed to promote the Scottish capital's technology ecosystem on an international stage. 

Edinburgh wants to be recognised as an international tech hub. Image: Flickr/Neil Roger
Edinburgh wants to be recognised as an international tech hub. Image: Flickr/Neil Roger

James Varga, founder of online identity verification firm, miiCard, and founding partner of StartEdin, said: “Edinburgh needs to create a strong brand that, as a community, we can all get behind and help promote what is simply a fantastic place to live, work and develop your tech business potential. 

"Edinburgh is uniquely positioned as one of the best startup destinations - that includes strong research, serious investment, cultural heritage, and a fantastic lifestyle with an outdoor environment on your door step.”

Those behind the initiative claim Edinburgh is a “leading tech city that has an impressive, dynamic and successful tech community and a proven track record in innovation, disruption and global success”. 

Two of Edinburgh’s leading tech companies today are travel booking platform Skyscanner and US fantasy sports platform FanDuel - both of which believe they will soon become billion dollar companies. 

“When I told people in London I was moving to Edinburgh, everyone asked me if I was leaving tech to go into finance - or farming,” said the new CTO of FanDuel, Robin Spira.

Overcast Labs, an early stage startup developing efficient data centre infrastructure, is another tech company that sees the benefits of being in Edinburgh. 

“After exploring cities including Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, London and Stockholm, we found the best mix of talent, culture and lifestyle in Edinburgh,” said Overcast Labs co-founder and CEO, Tyler Foster. “Since deciding to base the company here, we've found the tech and business communities in Edinburgh to be remarkably supportive.”

Lynchpin data analysts and consultants have also given their backing to StartEdin, as have Attacat, Whitespace, Kotikan, Red61 and various others, while Skyscanner and ScotlandIS are both founding members of the collective. 

Beyond Scotland

A number of other cities across the UK, such as Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford, are aiming to shine a light on their own technology scenes through various initiatives, and rightly so. 

Indeed, JustEat and Huawei are two big name companies that have recently moved to Bristol, while Cambridge security startup Darktrace won the Techworld Enterprise Startup of the Year Award. Meanwhile, DeepMind, a British artificial intelligence company, acquired two startups out of Oxford University last month.