Much of the work on cloud computing has been concentrated on large enterprises but service provider Commensus believes that small businesses could also benefit.

The multi-tenanted V-Cloud Professional has been designed for small enterprise needs, with fixed charges per user and optional extras such as Blackberry, CRM, Exchange and other applications available.

The V-Cloud Professional is being offered by Commensus's new reseller channel. "Our main business has been aimed at the enterprise," said Stephen Pailthorpe, group marketing manager for Commensus. "But we launched a channel programme in September and have already taken on about 30 resellers.

The company has made pricing an issue, aware that SMEs are particularly focused on keeping costs manageable. "Our cloud is sold on a slice matrix. Therefore a company only uses the amount of resource which they require. Rather than pay for a physical server underutilising resource, the slice allows a company to scale up or down their resource as required resulting in a company only paying for what they need. Our fee is therefore based on the resource consumed," said Pailthorpe.

The main appeal of Commensus, added Pailthorpe is the guaranteed service. "The main thing we tell our customers – we have 100 percent resilience and 100 percent uptime. There are a lot of companies who promise 100 percent and give credit when they can't but we've had 100 percent uptime since 2007.