While a number of IT suppliers are reporting layoffs, many technology buyers are hoping to avoid staff cuts.

According to survey results from Robert Half Technology, a majority of CIOs expect to maintain existing staff and some even plan to add staff during the second quarter.

More than 80 percent of 1,400 CIOs polled said they plan to maintain current staffing levels throughout the second quarter this year. Eight percent expect to hire IT personnel and 6 percent anticipate staff reductions over the same time period, the IT staffing and consulting firm reports.

The reasons cited by those CIOs that plan to hire include corporate growth or expansion (25 percent), and expansion or increased investment in the IT department specifically (9 percent). Eight percent each point to increased workload and systems upgrades as a justification to bring on more personnel, and 6 percent indicated they would be increasing customer/user support.

Five percent said the plans lined up with routine hiring, and 2 percent expect to bring on more staff to help with the installation or development of new enterprise-wide applications.

Among those 6 percent expected to lessen headcount during the quarter, 40 percent pointed to a reduced IT budget and 21 percent said the staff cuts were the result of the "impact of the financial fallout" on their respective company or industry, according to Robert Half Technology. Nearly 20 percent are experiencing IT projects being put on hold and 18 percent reported companywide layoffs as the reason behind IT staff cuts.

The firm reports that 21 percent percent of CIOs expecting staff additions plan to hire a mix of full-time and project workers, and 8 percent will invest in contract resources.

"Companies are being more judicious when hiring in today's economic environment. Budgets must support critical IT projects and companies are re-examining their staffing needs accordingly," said Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology, in a statement.

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