BT is set to offer a new VoIP-enabled Business Broadband hub for small and medium businesses.

Apart from free VoIP and a wireless access point, businesses will also be offered 8Mbit/s download speeds and 800Kbit/s upload connections.

Business customers will be offered the service at the lower rental charge of £14.99 for the first three months - from 28 July, this will increase to £19.99.

There will, however be no connection charge for single, share and network type of BT Broadband hubs, as opposed to the normal £40 price. Business customers using Broadband Lite however, will be charged £49. BT said that the product had been made easy for the non-technical by offering a self-install feature and a 24-hour helpdesk.

Also, for British landline numbers (or all those starting 01 or 02), customers can enjoy unlimited UK calls for up to an hour, and fixed to mobile calls for 25p, for an hour. And this will continue even after the three-month period, promised a BT spokesman.

"The average business can now have improved functionality with faster and increased upload and download speeds for the same price," he continued. Customers can also use the same hub for integrating other BT products like BT Fusion, or IT Support Manager, he said.

"Coupled with BT’s Wi-Fi products like Datazone and Openzone, customers can have Internet access from any of the 8400 wireless access hotspots throughout the country. What’s in it for us is that we have more satisfied customers," the spokesman said.

BT’s new Broadband hub has a Firewall Monitor that assesses threats to the customer’s network and notifies the user on screen of viruses or network attacks. "Security specifications include: stateful packet inspection at Layer 4, local IP spoofing verification and a security certificate manufactured into each gateway," said the spokesman.