BT has launched a combined fixed and mobile calls package for small and medium-sized businesses offering an annual five per cent discount on combined fixed and mobile calls, capped rates on fixed line calls and preferential rates on mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-office calls.

BT Business Plan with Mobile, which has been on trial since July last year, presents users with a single bill. It includes BT Billing Analyst, designed to allow businesses to analyse their bill and control call costs.
Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Business, said: "Flexible working is now commonplace in many businesses and mobiles are often used as primary phones. Businesses told us they were concerned about the cost of calling mobiles, so we have responded by price capping most UK fixed-to-mobile calls up to an hour at 25p. Giving customers’ visibility of fixed and mobile in one bill helps them keep track of all their call costs, and maximise the potential savings."

Murphy dismissed price comparisons made by Orange between its new fixed-line service and BT.
“This plan goes significantly further than the offering from competitors like Orange,” he claimed. "Their price comparisons are made against our standard rate, a rate which most of our BT Business Plan customers do not pay."

The pricing package includes a 10p cap on UK local and national fixed-line calls, as well as most calls to the US, for up to an hour. Most UK fixed-to-mobile calls for up to an hour are capped at 25p, with a 20p cap on UK calls to the EU and Pacific Rim for up to an hour. Preferential rates for mobile-to-mobile and fixed-to-mobile calls start from just 3p per minute. There is a five per cent discount at the end of the year, based on total fixed and mobile call spend.

Other benefits include regular network call performance reports, to monitor missed and abandoned calls, call answering times and so on; free connection to ISDN and Featureline, and free Total Care for 12 months. BT Business Plan with Mobile is available for all BT Business customers who spend more than £5,000 on their combined fixed and mobile call costs per year.