German electronics company Bosch is looking to take six young people on a round the world tour in a bid to convince them that the company does more than make screwdrivers.

The Bosch World Experience is a 16-day trip taking place this summer (20 July - 6 August) that will introduce the six competition winners to Bosch technology at five locations around the world, including London, Panama City, San Francisco, Shanghai and Singapore.

“Many people know Bosch only as a producer of cordless screwdrivers, washing machines and spark plugs,” the company admitted, before pointing out Bosch offers a range of products and services in the areas of automotive technology, industrial technology, consumer goods, as well as energy and building technology.

In London the cohort will get a behind the scenes tour of the Bosch technology used to power the old engine rooms at Tower Bridge, while in San Francisco they’ll see the work that Bosch is doing around driverless cars.

They’ll also visit the Panama Canal to see how Bosch technology helps ensure the smooth flow of traffic through one of the world’s busiest waterways. In Shanghai they’ll learn about the Bosch technology used in the World Financial Centre building and in Singapore they’ll see how Bosch is researching urban infrastructures of the future.

It would appear that Bosch is hoping to get some publicity from the trip, as it is asking the "Bosch Explorers" to share their photos, videos and experiences through various social media platforms and a blog. 

Bosch said that each of the stops will include a full program of complementary activities. In London, for instance, Bosch World Experience participants will take part in a blogger workshop, while in San Francisco, they will take a tour of the city on electric bikes.

Describing the trip, Bosch marketing manager, Karoline Hagen, said: “Bosch World Experience will offer its international participants an exclusive look behind the scenes of six major projects in which Bosch is involved, including in areas where one might not expect to find us.”

Applications are being accepted until 16 May at