Apple is offering free repairs to Macs, iPhones and iPod touches damaged by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in North-East Japan.

MacNN reports that the company is offering "special servicing" for gadgets that were affected by the 'quake for free until 30 June through a page on its Japanese website.

Customers are advised to call their local Apple retail stores to schedule drop-offs for the damaged gadgets, rather than making the appointments through the Apple website as with normal repairs. According to the report, Apple will arrange free collection and return of the damaged goods in the case of larger items such as desktop Macs.

Repair times vary according to demand, Apple said, and a disclaimer warns that the free offer could be withdrawn at any time, even before the 30 June expiry date. The iPod touch is the only iPod covered by the offer.

Japan's Apple Stores reportedly offered shelter to earthquake victims in March when the powerful shocks hit the country, with staff teaching people how to check news on their devices and offering use of the stores' Wi-Fi so they could email and FaceTime with loved ones.

CEO Steve Jobs sent a message to all Japan-based Apple staff following the disaster, promising "time or resources", as well as other support, in the wake of the crisis.