Two fast-growing London tech firms are likely to play a key role on iOS 8 and the Apple Watch, with one of them even featuring in the Apple Watch demo last week. 

Urban navigation app Citymapper, or "City Mapper" as Apple wrongly referred to it on stage, was one of a limited number of apps to be showcased on the Apple Watch by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Cook briefly demoed the small London startup's app on the Apple Watch along with the apps of Silicon Valley tech giants like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, all of which will be available to download when the wearable device first goes on sale. 

Citymapper launched in London in 2011 and has since been rolled out to Paris, New York, San Francisco and a handful of other cities.

The app – said to be installed on over half of iPhones in London – aims to make it as easy as possible for users to navigate around cities by offering them detailed transport information that isn't available in Google Maps or indeed Apple Maps. 

The fact that Citymapper was showcased as one of the launch apps on the Apple Watch means it could soon be found on watches across the city too.


Apple announced at its WWDC [Worldwide Developers Conference] event earlier this year that third-party keyboards would be allowed on its new mobile operation system. As a result, Swiftkey, a British keyboard app installed on hundreds of thousands of Android devices, will soon be coming to iOS 8

SwiftKey’s technology - based on doctoral research from the University of Cambridge into artificial intelligence – corrects user’s typing and suggests words based on their previous vocabulary, unlike other technologies, which are based around a definitive list of words.