AMD has launched its latest generation of professional graphics cards: the AMD FirePro V5900 and FirePro V7900, which the company says offers more than twice the performance of competing cards.

The cards debut AMD's new GeometryBoost technology, which processes two primitives per clock cycle. AMD says that the result is incredibly fast geometry performance, ensuring smooth handling of complex models. The FirePro V5900 and AMD FirePro V7900 also feature DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 support, as well as massive 2GB GDDR5 frame buffer.

The cards also offer AMD's new PowerTune technology. This power management technology provides direct control over GPU power usage.

AMD's FirePro V7900 features four outputs, as well as stereo 3D using the included expansion bracket. Using the optional FirePro S400 add-in board gives you framelock and genlock. The FirePro V5900 supports three display outputs.

The AMD FirePro V7900 cost $999 (around £605), while the FirePro V5900 costs 599 (£365).