Just one day after a big security hole was revealed and patched in its ZoneAlarm software, Zone Labs has announced it is expanding its Integrity software to incorporate more wireless devices and VPN gateways.

From now on, the company will also secure handhelds and phones using Wi-Fi, preventing them from accessing a network until specified security measures are in place.

Zone’s Integrity 5.0 fully integrates with Check Point's VPN gateways - useful since Check Point is in the process of buying Zone. Not only can sysadmins check whether a remote machine has a personal firewall, but now whether it has anti-virus software running at the right version, appropriate Microsoft patches and any other checks you wish to define.

Integrity already offers this depth with Cisco and Nortel kit.

The software has also expanded its range of compatible anti-virus software to include Computer Associates and Sophos alongside Network Associates, Symantec and Trend Micro. In each case, it can warn a user of any need to update and point them in the right direction.

For anyone not fitting security requirements, limited network access can be provided, for example to let them get at relevant patches and updates, whereas previously it was only possible to point them to servers separated from the rest of the network.

The new software also offers emergency management features that can shut down rogue applications immediately and automatically push out instructions to update anti-virus software in the face of new threats. Previously, the software could only shut an application down when security policies were violated.

If users have Explorer 5.1 or higher and enabled ActiveX, Integrity 5.0 can scan remote machines accessing the network via SSL VPN. It also allows finer control of instant messaging for an additional fee. Before, Integrity either allowed it or denied it. With 5.0, it can control whether files can be attached to IM traffic, strip embedded URLs and limit connections to authorized buddy lists.

Integrity 5.0 is available this spring, with pricing starting at $65 (£35) per seat. The instant messaging software costs $20 (£11) per seat extra.