Israeli security outfit Yoggie Security Systems has produced yet another version of its ever-evolving laptop Gatekeeper firewall, this time in a handy ExpressCard form.

The Gatekeeper Card Pro packs the same 13 security functions found in the other versions of the tiny hardware device into a card product that can sit inside a laptop. According to the company, some customers were worried that the USB versions would be lost by users, creating an asset headache for IT staff.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the new product for IT teams will be that it turns the platform into one over which they have a high degree of control. Laptops can now be set up with the device as the default port for Internet access, one which can't be bypassed as easily as the USB versions.

"The Gatekeeper Card Pro has been developed to allow IT security managers to pre-install high level security when providing laptops to its workforce," said Yoggie's CEO Shlomo Touboul. "We're also responding to the demands of our enterprise customers by providing remote, centralised management of the security for all workers."

The platform is designed to cover all security bases – anti-malware, web filtering, firewalling among others - in one product based around third-party security products such as Kaspersky, offloading the security processing and configuration from the laptop itself. It also offers a degree of protection when using public Wi-Fi, something few software products bother to address, assuming that connectivity is trusted.

What the new product is not, is a new version of the underlying platform - this is the same design in a new wrapper.

In only two years, Yoggie has gone from one original product, the Gatekeeper, to no fewer than six incarnations of the same platform, all in different form factors. The company also has a management server.

The Gatekeeper Card Pro is priced at £100 (approx $200).