Israeli company Yoggie Security Systems has announced a radically cut-down version of its Pico USB security device for laptops.

After feedback from users, it transpires that many just want the product to be what they thought it was in the first place, namely a very small, portable Linux-based firewall.

The new Firestick Pico – so called because of its bright orange colour – is just that. It features the same firewalling found on the Pico but with the extra security features such as anti-spam, intrusion detection, and content filtering that made the Pico an all-in-one security product taken out.

The company says that this reduces complexity for certain types of customer and reduces cost – the Firestick costs $119 compared to the launch price of the Pico Pro. which was $199, plus $30 for ongoing subscriptions.

The only survivor from the original security line-up is anti-virus software. Yoggie will continue to offer Kaspersky’s anti-virus suite with the Firestick at no extra cost.

“While our Gatekeeper Pico offloads all security applications from a PC, the Firestick Pico offloads just the firewall functionality at a much lower cost,” said Yoggie founder Shlomo Touboul.

“This allows different levels of security and a range of price points for discerning buyers who are joining the Yoggie revolution: moving security applications from the PC to dedicated, miniature computers to enhance security and improve PC performance.”

Outwardly nearly identical to the diminutive Pico, the Firestick is also slightly less powerful than the Pico, probably made possible by its lower security load. It runs atop a 300MHz processor where the Pico was given a 520MHz version.

But as with the Pico, its basic function of intercepting all traffic before it reaches the laptop makes it well suited to its new, if reduced role of firewall.

The company will officially announce the Firestick at the CES Show in Las Vegas today.