Websense has announced an updated version of its information-leak prevention product that now blocks unauthorised data transfers.

Websense Content Protection Suite 6.0 consists of two main components, Content Auditor for locating sensitive data in the network, and Content Enforcer, which can monitor for data leaks.

"We have in-line blocking now as an option for email, HTTP, instant messaging and FTP," says Devin Redmond, director of the security products group. Version 6.0, based on a hardened Linux operating system, has been certified to run on IBM and HP hardware.

Other new features in Content Protection Suite, which is based on the PortAuthority data-leak prevention product acquired late last year, include a richer array of security-policy management options.

Version 6.0 of the software allows the security manager to set policies based on listing specific types of sites where data should never be sent (shareware sites, for example). Data could also be monitored in terms of where it should be going, such as to a specific IP address. Content Protection Suite integrates more natural-language description to set up monitoring policy, rather than relying mainly for keywords, Redmond says.

The updated content-monitoring software can now also identify the "user" and "destination" of data not just in terms of IP addresses, but the full name of the user and group manager, as well as other detail, and can more fully describe the destination site, especially in terms of risk.

Websense Content Protection Suite 6.0 starts at $30,000 and increases to $55,000 when used with content blocking.