Websense is set to release its first hardware appliance. The V10000 Web Gateway Appliance will run Websense's Secure Web Gateway Software including anti-malware filtering, SSL traffic inspection, application controls, and threat protections for web surfing.

The appliance "is the first appliance we've ever done," says Dave Meizlik, director of product marketing. For customers, a hardware-based platform can provide the opportunity to consolidate servers, since the Secure Web Gateway Software typically runs on more than one server, depending on components installed.

The V10000 appliance will include a web-based management platform. Because the hardware appliance uses the Xen virtualisation platform, it will be possible to add new functional security components in the future, Meizlik said.

The V10000 starts at US$16,000 (£10,700) and is expected to ship at the end of April.