Internet service provider Viatel is to offer its UK customers web-filtering software as a service.

Based on ScanSafe's WebControl content security software, the service redirects all corporate web traffic through its own dedicated servers and analyses it, before displaying the filtered content to the end-user.

According to Viatel, WebControl can protect companies from risks such as spyware, web viruses, phishing and adware. It can also block website and filter out traffic that a company doesn't want its staff to have access to, such as social-networking sites, video streaming or IM.

In addition, the ISP said that IT managers would be able use the service to obtain detailed metrics and insight into their company's web activity down to individual employee level, which would help them trace security breaches and enforce their web use policy.

The aim is to enable UK companies to outsource what's increasingly becoming a standard corporate requirement, said Arjan van Proosdij, Viatel's security product manager. He claimed that the service could help companies manage their bandwidth and more effectively control how it is used.

"While many of our clients do not have the in-house resources to monitor web use and threats, others don't want the time and cost of managing another vendor relationship. WebControl requires no hardware, maintenance or up-front capital costs," he added.

Van Proosdij said that Viatel would also offer ScanSafe's Anywhere+ service, which provides web security and control on mobile devices.

Viatel already offers managed firewall and email security services, and recently added uncontended broadband services as an alternative to leased lines.