A Scottish mobile-to-mobile (M2M) communications provider, Vianet, has launched a wireless CCTV service that uses 3G technology, to allow businesses to remotely monitor their premises.

Vianet describes its Connect service as the world's first 'practical' CCTV over mobile networks. It says that by "cutting the wires" it overcomes traditional cost, image quality and lack of flexibility associated with wired surveillance.

Companies can monitor access to restricted sites, such as server rooms or offsite company premises.

Vianet differs from wireless switch maker Aruba, which back in September added features to manage IP-based CCTV cameras, which streams digital video direct to staff with mobile devices.

Vianet describes its Connect service as a professional system, where images are monitored live over a secure 3G network in a control room, and it provides an address to each camera, making it possible to manage, control and redirect it. Vianet said that its network ensured that the cameras have the speed and quality of data transmission required for effective imaging.

"3G network technology has advanced, enabling Vianet to provide secure transmissions at the quality and price to make surveillance widely available," said CEO Ian Orrock. "It takes CCTV security to a new level - organisations can now enter previously inaccessible areas of surveillance as wireless CCTV makes cameras cheaper to install and far more flexible."

Vianet believes that Connect will be particularly attractive to organisations where there is an economic or a practical requirement to move cameras on a regular basis. These include building sites, public buildings such as schools, motorways, railways and civic spaces.

Typical users will be charged between £25 to £45 a month. The service could be as low as £25 a month for 3GB usage.