VeriSign has launched a risk profiling service that gives companies an overall picture of how good their security setup is.

The service ties together risk profiling from Skybox Security with threat research from VeriSign's own iDefense, and explains how well a company can meet current threats, as well as explaining how changes - such as altering a firewall or installing a patch - will affect the picture.

The idea is to put information from a wide variety of devices and systems into one place, where it can be easily evaluated - a process companies usually do manually today, according to IDC analyst Allan Carey. That might be good enough for IT security professionals, but a more automated, simplified system is better suited for business decision making, Carey said.

The service assesses threats, vulnerabilities, network access policies and business impacts, and generates a constantly-updated risk score for devices, business units and enterprises, according to VeriSign.

It uses simulation and modelling technology to show the impact of emerging threats and network security policy changes, and also measures compliance with internal and external policies and regulations, VeriSign said.

In order to keep pace with security threats and increasingly complex compliance requirements, enterprises require solutions that help them more effectively manage risk," said Chris Babel, VeriSign's vice president of managed security services, in a statement.

The company said Avery Dennison, the stationery giant, has signed up for the profiling service.

Besides iDefense's security intelligence, VeriSign also offers managed security services and security consulting.