The US and China were named as the worst perpetrators of spam in a report by Sophos today, which lists the Dirty Dozen spam relaying countries from April to June 2007.

The US continues to relay more spam than any other nation accounting for 19.6 percent of global spam.

Europe now has six entries in the Dirty Dozen, which when combined, account for even more spam-relaying than the US.

The overall global volume of spam rose by 9 percent during Q2 2007, when compared to the same period in 2006.

After the US and China, South Korea ranked third with 6.5 percent, followed by Poland with 4.8 percent, Germany 4.2 percent, Brazil 4.1 percent, France 3.3 percent, Russia 3.1 percent, Turkey 2.9 percent, the UK 2.8 percent, Italy 2.8 percent and India 2.5 percent.

Sophos senior security consultant, Carole Theriault, said while the US remains the top spam dog, the results show an urgent need for countries to join together and take global action.

“Once a machine is compromised, it is often used to send out spam for a variety of campaigns,” she said.

“In a matter of seconds, we can see compromised systems send messages on a dozen different topics from stock scams to diet drugs.”